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Bitcoin Gift Card (empty, add your own funds)

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NOTE: this product does not contain Bitcoin. It's a Bitcoin offline cold storage wallet, beautifully designed for giving as a gift.

This rugged and attractive metal card is a Bitcoin cold storage wallet. It can receive and securely store any amount of Bitcoin. It's an easy and attractive way to give Bitcoin as a gift. It contains no Bitcoin, the purchaser can send funds to it any time, even if it's shipped directly to the recipient as a gift.

How does it work?

The buyer receives an email with the public Bitcoin address, to easily send Bitcoin to it from any Bitcoin wallet or from a Bitcoin exchange service like Coinbase.

It contains a Bitcoin wallet seed phrase permanently etched into the back of the card and hidden by a secure, tamper-proof covering (this is needed when spending the funds), a public Bitcoin address to add funds, and instructions.

This sturdy metal card can survive fire, flood, and natural disasters, it will not fade or decay, and it allows any amount of value to be physically carried and stored easily. The Bitcoin can be transferred from it by the owner at any time.

It's packaged in a beautiful gift box. The card is standard credit card size (86 mm x 54 mm) and 0.8 mm thick.

See our "how does it work?" page to learn about why it's secure.