Instructions for card owners

Tamahagane Bitcoin cards are sold as empty Bitcoin wallets, they don't contain Bitcoin. But if you received the card as a gift the purchaser may have sent Bitcoin to it already.

Checking the balance

To check the current balance on your card at any time we recommend using this Blockchain explorer. You will need to type in the full receiving address (the code on your card that starts with "bc1...").

If you don't see the balance that you expect then double-check the code that you typed. Typos usually result in a different, but still valid, address.

There are also mobile or desktop apps that can read the QR code which will save you some typing (but be sure to use an app that you trust and don't allow unnecessary permissions).

Adding funds

You can easily send Bitcoin to the public Bitcoin address on the card from online services such as Coinbase, for example see this guide.

Spending or transferring the Bitcoin

When it comes time to spend or transfer the Bitcoin you will need to use the Electrum Bitcoin Wallet app on your computer. Electrum is a trusted open-source project that is well-maintained by a large community of software developers and crypto experts. 

The Tamahagane Bitcoin Card represents a Bitcoin wallet created with Electrum, and the secret "seed phrase" is used to restore the wallet in the app.


  1. Download and install the Electrum Bitcoin Wallet app.
  2. Run the app.
  3. Create a new "standard wallet" using the "existing seed" option, see the following screenshots for details:

    That's it, now you can see the current balance, and send the Bitcoin to any Bitcoin address, including to a Bitcoin exchange such as Coinbase to convert it into your preferred currency and send the cash to your bank account.

    Important security note

    Once you have entered the seed phrase in the Electrum app and recreated the wallet the funds are now vulnerable to viruses and hackers. It's recommended to immediately transfer all of the funds to a new secure wallet such as a new Tamahagane Bitcoin Card, a digital hardware wallet, or a trusted Bitcoin currency exchange such as Coinbase.


    If you still have questions please contact us and we will be happy to help.