• Beautiful Bitcoin gift cards

Easily store or give Bitcoin

Until now Bitcoin has not been an accessible gift. But Tamahagane Bitcoin Cards are easy to give or to receive and store. They are metal cards with permanent laser engraving. They contain a secret phrase that’s hidden by a secure, tamper-evident covering. There are no passwords to lose, the card itself is all you need.

Digital gold

Bitcoin is a new decentralized monetary asset, akin to gold. It combines the scarce, money-like nature of gold with the digital transferability of modern currency. It has gone through three major cycles of adoption so far, each cycle ending with a floor value that is 100x the previous cycle.

As it gains rapidly maturing support within the traditional financial system it will continue to become a more accessible investment.

A physical offline Bitcoin wallet

The beautiful engraving includes a public address that can be used to add Bitcoin to the card, allowing it to function as secure cold storage. The secret phrase can be uncovered when it’s needed to transfer the Bitcoin funds.

How does it work and why is it secure?

Still have questions about security or other technical details?